Rotary Screw Compression

Bidell™ maintains an extensive inventory of stock and surplus compressor units. For inquires on buying and selling surplus and for an updated list of available equipment, email Typical stocked packages are:

Horsepower Driver Compressor Service
95 hp CAT G3304NA Sullair Sweet/Sour
145 hp CAT G3306NA Sullair Sweet/Sour
203 hp CAT G3306TA Sullair Sweet/Sour
325 hp CAT G3406TA Sullair Sweet/Sour
400 hp WAUK F18GL Sullair Sweet/Sour
425 hp CAT G3408CLE Sullair Sweet/Sour
530 hp WAUK H24GL Sullair/Kobelco/Ariel Sweet/Sour
637 hp CAT G3412CLE Kobelco/Ariel Sweet/Sour
740 hp WAUK F3514GSI Sullair/Kobelco/Ariel Sweet/Sour
840 hp WAUK F3524GSI Sullair/Kobelco/Ariel Sweet/Sour
860 hp CAT G3512AFRC Sullair/Kobelco/Ariel Sweet/Sour
1005 hp CAT G3512AFRC Sullair/Kobelco/Ariel Sweet/Sour
1280 hp WAUK L5774LT Sullair/Kobelco/Ariel Sweet/Sour
1340 hp CAT G3516AFRC Sullair/Kobelco/Ariel Sweet/Sour
1480 hp WAUK L7042GL Sullair/Kobelco Sweet/Sour
1680 hp WAUK L7044GSI Sullair/Kobelco Sweet/Sour
1775 hp CAT G3606TA Sullair/Kobelco Sweet/Sour
25/50/60 hp Electric Sullair Sweet/Sour
75/100/125 hp Electric Sullair Sweet/Sour

The above stock equipment is available for purchase, rental or lease.

Custom compression from 25 to 8000 hp is available upon request.